Unrivalled Polish consumer intelligence with CAMEO Poland

Organisations operating in Poland can from today understand Polish consumers better than ever before using Callcredit Information Group’s newly rebuilt CAMEO Poland system.

Callcredit’s 2014 CAMEO Poland release classifies and segments consumers using a vast array of refreshed source-datasets including age, gender, property size, family composition, income, occupation and tenure.

Polish corporations can now understand exactly who their customers are and where they are located using CAMEO’s 48 descriptive categories and 10 discriminative marketing groups. Additional CAMEO overlay variables are available allowing key factors such as presence of children, adult age, household income and access to technology to be understood.

To provide clients with the most granular segmentation system possible, Callcredit has created bespoke postcode geography for Poland containing over 88,000 zones.

Callcredit’s CAMEO consumer intelligence is available for over 40 nations across the globe. Organisations in sectors such as retail, financial services, telco, utilities and automotive benefit from using CAMEO to increase customer acquisition/retention rates, select optimal branch locations, develop informed communication strategies and identify profitable cross-sell opportunities.

With a population of 38.5m, Poland has the 10th largest economy in Europe which includes seven cities with a population above 400,000. The International Monetary Fund expects the Polish economy to grow more than twice as fast as the Eurozone average between 2014-2020.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director at Callcredit said: “We are delighted that Callcredit’s latest version of CAMEO Poland will allow for better customer understanding and a stronger return on marketing spend.

“Callcredit has combined comprehensive source datasets with a new bespoke level of geography to provide marketers with access to Poland’s most powerful and granular consumer segmentation system yet.”