Prerequisites for Multi-channel Marketing Success

By Paul Kennedy, Head of Professional Services, Broadsystem

Digital communication such as email and SMS are now an accepted part of direct marketing - no longer are they considered 'new media'. This is hardly surprising when over 65% of UK households have internet access - growing steadily at 7% per year. Equally, mobile services uptake is high at 92%, overtaking fixed-line uptake for the first time. In 2007, online sales represented 15% of UK retail sales volumes and almost £50 billion was spent online. This channel is growing by more than 50% per year. By 2010, retail sales via the internet are expected to top £100 billion.

However, the proliferation of channels and media tools has posed a number of challenges for marketers in understanding of the role of each one in the purchase cycle. For example, when should each channel be used in isolation or in combination, what sequencing/timing across all media gives best results and to what extent does the mix of channels vary depending on the level of consumer-brand engagement? Also, how should inbound/outbound communications mix be coordinated at an individual customer level?

  • Have an appropriately opted in and contactable universe
  • Multi-stage campaigns that can leverage communications across different channels
  • Outcome measurement process that reflects the complexity of interactions

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About the author

Paul Kennedy BSc MBA MIDM is Head of Professional Services at Broadsystem. Prior to this he was a member of Experian Integrated Marketing's financial services practice. His experience spans all aspects of customer value management across a number of industry sectors including financial services, publishing, travel and leisure and government.

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