North Devon Homes successfully integrates HR System with Aspireview.

"We have been working with Coactiva to implement a system that will strengthen performance management and planning across our business.  We were attracted to Aspireview because of the flexibility offered by the product and the implementation staff. Throughout this process we have been able to work with Coactiva to explain our vision of what we want the system to do for us and to find a way to make Aspireview work for us in this way.

Whilst we are still in the early stages of rolling Aspireview out, a genuine openness to our ideas, a willingness to listen and respond to these and the flexibility inherent in the product have helped us to make a lot of progress in delivering something that fits our business in the way in which we had hoped.

Integrating our HR system with Aspireview has meant that data is loaded automatically on a daily basis. Our next steps will be to automate the transfer of data from our Finance System into Aspireview."   Marc Rostock, North Devon Homes