Norfolkline choose EuroDirect to build Customer Marketing Database

Dutch-based Norfolkline Ferries have selected leading direct and database marketing specialist EuroDirect to build and host their customer marketing database.

Owned by the A.P.M ǿ ller-Maersk Group, Norfolkline have diversified their business over the last 2 years from freight, transport and logistics to the introduction of a hugely successful passenger ferry service. Norfolkline currently operate 3 main routes: Dover to Dunkerque, Liverpool to Dublin and Liverpool to Belfast.

As part of their growth strategy, Norfolkline have commissioned the building of a centralised 'single view' marketing database which will be used to drive customer communications and actively promote their ferry passenger service.

EuroDirect have been tasked with pulling together over 1.4 million UK and overseas passenger records, cleansing and enhancing them, and consolidating them into single database. As part of the process EuroDirect will develop a system to load ongoing data feeds from off the page advert bookings, website bookings and newsletter requests.

Norfolkline have plans to develop a true multi-channel customer relationship management strategy going forward. As a part of this strategy EuroDirect will use its wealth of consumers datasets to segment and profile the Norfolkline base to identify the key lifestage, affluence and lifestyle characteristics of their customers as well as understanding their trip activity. This insight will enable EuroDirect and Norfolkline to work together to develop accurately targeted promotional offers by post and email.

Ongoing analysis of campaign response will enable Norfolkline to continually develop and improve their campaign targeting and response levels.

Andrew Kelly, Online and Database Marketing Controller, Norfolkline comments: "With over 1.4 million passenger records, we have built up a significant data resource over the last two years. It is now time to consolidate these databases and combine all the information we have on each customer. Careful analysis of our customer data will be central to our marketing strategy going forward."

"EuroDirect have vast and proven expertise in both the database and analytics arena. I am very much looking forward to working with them."

Tim Pottinger, Database Solutions Director, EuroDirect adds: "Norfolkline have grown their passenger ferry business dramatically in a short period of time. We believe we can help them grow even further by empowering them to develop a truly data-driven marketing strategy which will provide integration across all marketing channels and allow them to nurture their customers."