Noddle leads the way with launch of free credit score

In a UK first, Noddle the free-for-life credit reporting service, has today (8th July 2015) announced the addition of the customer’s credit score as part of its free service.

Noddle, part of Callcredit Information Group, is already the only UK provider to offer a completely free service – with no hidden fees or 30 day trial periods.

Customers will now get their credit score, credit rating and credit report in one – giving them free and easy access to their financial information to help them take more control of their financial situation, and empowering them to make more informed financial decisions. Consumers can also use their credit profile to find credit card and loans products that are most suited to their individual circumstances.

Jacqueline Dewey, Managing Director of Consumer Markets, Noddle, commented: “In 2012 we became the first provider to offer a free credit report, three years later and with over 1.4m customers, we’re now the first provider to offer a free credit score.

“We’re very proud of Noddle and we strongly believe that all consumers should be able to access their credit information for free-for- life. This enables everyone to understand their financial position and how they can improve it – this is why we have added the credit score into our offering.”

Noddle has seen the number of users double in size over the last year alone, with the monthly sign ups increasing rapidly - evidence that more people are accessing their Noddle credit report in order to take greater control of their finances. To date the total number of consumers joining the service has exceeded 1.4 million – with nearly half of these people returning to Noddle each month to check their credit report.