New CAMEO Germany offers unparalleled consumer segmentation

Part of the world's largest global segmentation suite

Callcredit Information Group's CAMEO Germany has been completely re-built to offer marketers the most precise segmentation of German consumers. Using comprehensive data, supplied by AZ Direct, Callcredit has created the most granular and extensive segmentation tool in Germany that narrows down targeting to just a few households.

The new CAMEO Germany has 45 categories of consumer information organised into 9 key marketing groups, and can help companies ensure that they truly understand their customers. By using CAMEO Germany's unique segmentation to inform communication strategies, organisations can build strong and enduring customer relationships, identifying cross-sell opportunities and increasing retention.

CAMEO Germany is part of Callcredit's global CAMEO Classifications, the world's largest global segmentation suite. It delivers consumer segmentation for 36 countries world-wide, enabling sophisticated cross-border marketing integration.

Martin Bradbury at Callcredit Information Group said: "This amazing new version of CAMEO Germany represents a significant advance for consumer segmentation in Germany. Using CAMEO, companies can enhance their customer knowledge, target consumers and prospects with much greater accuracy and ultimately improve customer loyalty and spend. We're delighted to have worked with AZ Direct on this exciting project."

CAMEO Germany has applications in data mining, database modelling, customer communications and customer journey management as well as prospecting. In addition, this powerful classification has valuable applications for retail planners that may wish to understand the makeup of their retail catchments or identify new store locations.