Need free money advice? MAM knows best

Access to free face-to-face money and legal advice will be easier from today following the launch of the Money Advice Map (MAM) by Credit Action, the national money education charity.

Incorporating multiple advice agencies, the MAM is a new internet search facility that will help individuals search for their nearest money or legal advice centre with a minimum of hassle. As well as directing individuals to the nearest agency the MAM will also provide information regarding the centre's services, opening hours, and eligibility criteria, so that users can choose the agency that best suits their needs.

With many people paying for money or debt advice because they are unaware that there are free alternatives , the MAM will be an invaluable tool in helping individuals access free, independent and quality advice in their community.

The Money Advice Map has been developed by Credit Action and generously supported by Callcredit. Agencies partnering in the project include Community Legal Advice, Community Money Advice, and Citizens Advice Scotland amongst others.

Chris Tapp, Director of Credit Action, comments; "Commercial operators have the budget to advertise and market their services whereas charities are more likely to rely on word of mouth and local awareness. The Money Advice Map will enable people to know what sources of free help and advice are available locally.

John McAndrew, Chief Executive, Callcredit Information Group said; "Research shows people who have paid for debt advice would not have done so if they had known about free services.  The Money Advice Map will make it easier to identify local sources of face-to-face help and will help people find exactly the right advice to suit their needs.

Currently the MAM incorporates over 6,000 money or legal advice centres and will be expanded in the coming weeks with the addition of partners such as Advice UK and Citizens Advice Northern Ireland.

The MAM is accessible through www.moneyadvicemap.com and will be linked through a variety of partner websites and other internet locations in the near future.


Notes for Editors:

• For more information please contact the Credit Action director Chris Tapp on 0207 380 3390 or at c.tapp@creditaction.org.uk

• The Money Advice Map launch is taking place from 9am-11am on Tuesday March 2nd at the British Medical Association, Tavistock Square. Should you wish to attend please contact office@creditaction.org.uk

• The Money Advice Map is accessible through the website www.moneyadvicemap.com

• Credit Action is the national money education charity (registered Charity No. 1106941) established in 1994. Credit Action operates at a national level through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships with various groups and companies as well as at a local level through a variety of targeted projects, with a particular emphasis on those most vulnerable to financial difficulties. Our passion is to help people stay in control, rather than let money control them and disrupt their lives through over indebtedness or poverty.

• Callcredit is the UK's most innovative and customer-focused Credit Reference Agency, with an established reputation for service differentiation; focusing on listening to clients and creating innovative solutions that deliver real business value. Find out more at www.callcredit.co.uk

• Callcredit is one of six core businesses that form the Callcredit Information Group (CIG). CIG brings together experts across the fields of credit referencing, marketing services, interactive solutions and consultative analytics to enable our client base of businesses and consumers to make informed decisions using our innovative products and services.

The group is made up of two complementary divisions:

  • Credit Solutions, encompassing Callcredit, Legation and DecisionMetrics - specialists in credit risk, Identity verification services and tracing tools.
  • Marketing Solutions, providing specialist knowledge in customer analytics, consumer targeting, database building and hosting, marketing communications, business modelling and market analysis through three market leaders in their own fields: EuroDirect, Broadsystem and GMAP Consulting.
  • Callcredit Check is the consumer arm of credit reference agency Callcredit, providing consumers with instant online access to their credit report and services to help them monitor their credit status. www.callcreditcheck.com