GMAP Consulting, the specialist market analysis & business modelling consultancy, is set to launch their ground-breaking market planning product, MICROVISION.

Until now, no product exists in the marketplace that can provide a generic modelling capability relevant to different sectors. MICROVISION will be the most advanced, premium information and modelling product in the marketplace, offering customised products to incorporate sector relevant data and reflect key variables within a single desktop application.

Bringing together transactional data with intelligence in geodemographics, market demand, travel patterns and competitive activity, MICROVISION will enable a company to calculate:

  • What is actually happening within your market?
  • What might happen given certain scenarios?
  • What should happen in an optimal situation?

GMAP Consulting has developed MICROVISION through recognising a number of fundamental issues for providing a predictive modelling capability within a product.

GMAP Consulting's experience in the main vertical markets has already enabled them to develop MICROVISION products for the forecourt, financial and retail sectors.

Through the MICROVISION product, GMAP Consulting aims to provide a set of business analysis tools that are designed to fit the organisation in which they are applied and to give clients optimal decision-making capabilities within their relevant market. This may in some cases involve a GMAP consultant operating the system in the clients' premises.

MICROVISION will be developed for all European markets and over the next two years, extending to North and South America and Asia/Pacific.

Professor Martin Clarke, Managing Director of GMAP Consulting comments: " Using the MICROVISION product as a platform has enabled us to develop a premium predictive modelling product that incorporates our experience within bespoke modelling systems tailored to create a generic product for a vertical market."