Majority support ID cards

Seven out of ten Britons support the introduction of ID cards but less than one in two think it will prevent ID fraud according to results of research by credit report service MyCallcredit.

MyCallcredit asked its customers whether they agreed with ID cards and the overwhelming majority, 70 per cent, said they did.

However, only 45.5 per cent of people said they thought the introduction of ID cards would help in the fight against ID theft - one of the fastest growing types of fraud in the UK.

MyCallcredit director Alison Nicholson says:

"But it's worrying they don't believe ID cards will help in the battle against ID fraud and it's something that needs to be addressed."

The research also showed that three out of ten people who request a copy of their credit report from MyCallcredit have first hand experience of ID theft, either being a victim themselves, or knowing someone who has fallen prey to ID thieves.

However, only one in two of the people surveyed took steps to protect themselves by shredding financial documents and cancelling unused credit facilities.

"Even among people who are financially aware there is a certain amount of apathy when it comes to protecting themselves from ID thieves.

"It's only with the help of individuals that the UK can beat a fraud which is costing more than £1bn (2) a year." warns Ms Nicholson.

How to protect yourself from ID fraud
  • Shred any personal documents before disposing of them.
  • Be vigilant, log on to www.mycallcredit.com and check your credit file.
  • Write to lenders who are listing a credit facility you don't want and cancel it.
  • When you cut up a card or stop using it inform the lender.
Editors Notes
  1. The research was carried out via email among a representative sample of MyCallcredit's customers in September 05.
  2. Government figures show ID theft costs more than £1.3bn year.