Improve your Customer Acquisition Strategy with Intelligent Prospects from EuroDirect

New from EuroDirect is 'Intelligent Prospects', a Hosted Online Prospect Management System for customer acquisition which delivers a vast and targeted prospect pool to your fingertips 24x7.

For those marketers who have little or no time on their hands but want to reduce their overall cost per acquisition when recruiting new customers, Intelligent Prospects from EuroDirect provides just the ticket.

Intelligent Prospects is a packaged 'insight and prospecting' solution which provides online access to a bespoke prospect pool developed especially for your business. EuroDirect have combined their complete and extensive consumer datasets with their cutting edge analytics capabilities and state of the art data mining and access tools to enable you to execute recruitment drives from your desktop both quickly and effortlessly.

Campaign measurement is integral to the solution. This means you can quantify the results of every campaign, assess the return on investment and use the results of response analyses to refine and improve your next phase of direct marketing activity.

Intelligent Prospects can make campaign planning, execution and evaluation a more rapid, automated and cost-effective process, reducing customer acquisition costs and freeing up list acquisition resource across the marketing department.

In addition to providing access to EuroDirect's full and comprehensive range of datasets for prospecting, EuroDirect have used their advanced analytical expertise to develop a range of targeting and response models to score your prospect pool and maximise campaign effectiveness. The inclusion of a communication history, customer suppressions and standard industry suppressions also allows for rapid and accurate counts when planning a campaign.

John Dobson , Managing Director of EuroDirect comments:
"New business opportunities are driven by accurate and effective prospecting. Intelligent Prospects blends every part of our product and service offer and assimilates them into a uncomplicated user-friendly solution that can make the customer acquisition process simpler for today's marketer."

"By providing an integrated prospecting solution, clients can benefit from reduced costs, increased speed of campaign turnaround and greater campaign success."