GMAP Consulting Launch New Version of Global Market Modelling Software at IDMF

GMAP Consulting, specialist providers of critical decision support systems, are peeling off the bubble wrap on the latest version of their pioneering market analysis and business modelling software - MICROVISION. Built on the latest .NET technology, this multi-sector global solution includes a host of new functionality that provides a 'flight simulator' experience for today's international marketers and planners.

Providing a unique scenario modelling capability, MICROVISION essentially lets you 'try in theory' before you go to the expense of 'putting into practice' key decisions that affect your sales and marketing strategies.

MICROVISION provides a comprehensive global business decision-making solution which combines advanced GIS, geodemographics and bespoke modelling capabilities within a single desktop application. Unique in the marketplace, it combines easy-to-use reporting, querying and mapping functionality to deliver complex outlet, network and market analyses, which can empower users to increase sales and marketing opportunities, reduce risks, and identify areas of threat or opportunity.

GMAP Consulting are now able to deliver their MICROVISION suite within a truly global dimension having incorporated EuroDirects' geodemographic CAMEO Classifications systems for any European country together with the Far East, Australasia and the Americas.

MICROVISION has been developed as a .NET-connected application, enabling open connection with software across applications, along with automated upgrades and dataset upgrades across the Web. The versatility of .NET means that MICROVISION may be accessed across a server, intranet system, or the Web.

MICROVISION has been developed to provide a suite of market specific solutions:

MICROVISION Automotive is a unique system developed for automotive manufacturers and dealer groups looking to find a common framework for analysis across all their brands and the markets that they operate in.

MICROVISION Finance delivers a solution aimed at banks and building societies, helping them to effectively manage their networks and other market channels.

MICROVISION Retail is aimed at supermarkets, convenience stores and high street and out-of-town retailers. It has been built specifically to help its users to develop new retail strategies and implementation plans to address the different issues present in the retail environment whilst anticipating alternative scenarios.

MICROVISION Forecourt is aimed at oil companies and forecourt operators who are looking to optimise their site potential and maximise revenues from their retail operations.