EuroDirect Set to Revolutionise Door-to-Door Marketing

Database Marketing specialist EuroDirect, is once again set to transform traditional DM activity with its latest service offering - DemoGraf* Walkround, a unique and revolutionary door-to-door canvassing system.

DemoGraf* Walkround has been developed as a bureau service to optimise the activities of field canvassing teams, enabling national door-to-door campaigns to be planned, executed and managed at a local level with the greatest of accuracy and efficiency.

Traditionally, field canvassing has been conducted with little or no targeting, no logical or efficient method of defining canvassing territories and no substantial basis for analysing canvassing activity and response. However, using innovative and advanced area analysis, segmentation, clustering and data delivery techniques, EuroDirect have brought door-to-door canvassing into a new era.

DemoGraf* Walkround provides unique and unlimited opportunities to improve canvassing operations, reduce costs and ultimately uplift response in the field.

It enables campaign planners to optimise the efficiency of each canvass round, by minimising walk distances whilst at the same time maximising the chance of successful, well targeted calls. In addition, it facilitates the collection of information in the field, monitoring of canvasser performance, setting of wages and sales targets and enabling detailed response and conversion analysis to be performed.

DemoGraf* Walkround systems are unique in that they can be built for both Consumer and Business prospect targeting or can be built using a database of current customers for cross-selling. Whichever system is provided, it enables marketing campaigns to be maximised by ensuring that an area is comprehensively covered by DM activity. Households or businesses that are not appropriate for door-to-door canvassing are identified and provided in the form of mailing and telemarketing lists.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager, EuroDirect comments: "DemoGraf* Walkround is an exciting innovation for all companies who have a 'doorstep' relationship with their customers and prospects. By improving the campaign management and targeting capabilities of our clients we are able to offer them tighter canvassing control, improved opportunities for data capture and analysis and most importantly, better results in the field."

John Dobson, Managing Director, EuroDirect adds: "This development has provided a excellent opportunity for EuroDirect to introduce a more targeted and intelligent approach to traditional canvassing activity. However, these are merely the first steps in the evolution of the product and we can see greater scope for its development in the future."