EuroDirect makes an ‘Impact’ on Intelligent Marketing with New Launch

Marketing intelligence specialist EuroDirect, announces the launch of a new strategic service that is set to help companies maximise their direct marketing potential.

Its new brand 'Impact' incorporates a full portfolio of marketing intelligence services that will combine established techniques with new strategic approaches and applications, to ultimately capitalise on a company's marketing investment.

The new service will provide one of the most complete and cost effective Direct Marketing service solutions available to UK businesses. Taking a holistic approach to each clients' needs and aspirations, it will encompass all aspects of a company's direct marketing strategy, current practise and resource base. Having established both short and long-term objectives and assessed the available data assets, EuroDirects' consultants will use a series of advanced analysis and modelling techniques to add a creative and intelligent dimension to the application of consumer data to DM strategy.

Key to EuroDirects new service offering, is the innate requirement to fully understand the business need and the environment in which their Direct Marketing activity will operate. As a result Impact will work on two levels; Firstly, it will provide advice and recommendations to clients on how customer data and available technologies can be best utilised within DM to derive customer understanding and improve return on investment from any given strategy. Secondly, Impact will act as a supporting service for all EuroDirect's products and services, offering guidance on how these may be used to maximise client return.

Leanne Douglas, Senior Product Manager, EuroDirect comments: "The introduction of Impact to our product portfolio, provides the final and in many ways, the most important link in the DM chain. Many marketers have a vast amount of data to hand, but are still unsure as to how they should develop their data-driven marketing strategy to best utilise these assets.

Others have the in-house knowledge and expertise, but lack the short-term resource to commit to a particular campaign. At EuroDirect we recognise each of these issues but also appreciate how important it is for companies to keep ahead of the game. That's why we feel that Impact will fill a significant gap in the market."

Mike Hazeldine, Direct Marketing Consultant, EuroDirect adds: "Impact will encompass all areas, covering information audit, analysis and planning services. We aim to offer clients a clearer insight into their customers and help them use direct marketing more effectively within their overall marketing activity."