EuroDirect Launch New Household Level Lifestyle Classification at This Years Fair

EuroDirect has chosen the IDMF 2003 to augment its highly successful CAMEO suite with the launch of an exciting and unique range of targeting solutions developed at household level.

This interesting data development provides a valuable and exciting opportunity for Direct Marketers in all sectors. Built using EuroDirects exhaustive list of individual level datasets and many years experience in this arena, CAMEO Lifestyle and its sister product CAMEO Choices uniquely provide mainstream marketers with a powerful suite of micro-level prospecting and analysis tools.

CAMEO Lifestyle provides a highly discriminative segmentation system, which is simple to use and easy to interpret. Using a simple 3-digit code, CAMEO Lifestyle has been intuitively built to address the principal discriminators of any DM campaign: age, affluence, lifestyle and lifestage. With 7 key age bands, 9 levels of affluence and 14 lifestyle/lifestage groupings it segments every UK household into 84 distinct typologies, each appropriate to a different proposition.

CAMEO Choices is a unique Lifestyling System, developed to segment the UK market by consumer choice. Built as a suite of Behavioural Propensity Scores modelled across the UK consumer universe, it indicates the likeliness of over 40 million individuals to do or buy key things. Examples include their propensity to:

  • respond to direct marketing
  • make mail order purchases
  • possess a certain life-stage attitude
  • have young children
  • have teenagers
  • enjoy a certain income
  • be an active investor
  • be a fashion conscious shopper
  • have specific financial products
  • participate in sporting activities
  • be holiday focussed
  • be active users of the new marketing channels...etc

These products are available for licensing as full directories for data tagging and segmentation, profiling and advanced modelling or as selection criteria for list rental. CAMEO Lifestyle is also available with DemoGraf*, EuroDirect's unique marketing GIS tool.

Alternatively EuroDirects specialist team of consultants and analysts are onhand to provide these services for those companies wishing to outsource particular customer analysis and prospecting projects.

John Dobson, Managing Director, EuroDirect comments: "These extensions to our CAMEO suite are a fantastic development for all direct marketers wishing to improve the sophistication of their targeting activities. They represent a major milestone in targeting, enabling our customers to optimise their recruitment and cross-sell opportunities."