EuroDirect break into the Growing Baltic Consumer Market with the launch of CAMEO Estonia

Consumer marketing intelligence specialist EuroDirect has launched CAMEO Estonia to complement its comprehensive range of UK and international consumer classification systems.

Adding to a suite that already consists of over thirty similar classifications, including nearby countries Finland, Sweden and Poland, CAMEO Estonia has been developed using the latest Estonian Census to help direct marketers profile, segment and target over 1 million consumers in this growing market.  The classification characterises the Estonian population into 24 consumer types and 7 key marketing groups, including:     

1C: Affluent Singles And Couples In Small City Properties
2D: Young To Middle Aged Urban Owner Occupiers
4B: Younger Rural Family Neighbourhoods
6D: mature Rural Communities On Low Incomes
7A: Agricultural Families In Large Traditional Homes

CAMEO Estonia enables marketers to profile and segment their current customers in this market and effectively identify and target new prospects that display similar geodemographic and socio-economic characteristics.

Built at 1km grid square level, CAMEO Estonia has been built using wide ranging data variables including: child and adult age, family size and composition, educational attainment, occupation, employment status, housing tenure, housing age, size of house and urban/rural statistics.
CAMEO Estonia can be supplied as a directory for segmenting and enhancing consumer databases or as an integral component within EuroDirect's powerful marketing information software, MICROVISION for insightful market and customer analysis.

Leanne Davidson, Head of Product Management and Marketing at EuroDirect comments:
"As the latest edition to EuroDirect's international product suite, and our first break into the Baltic States, CAMEO Estonia is an exciting new tool to help marketers understand their consumers and ultimately find more that look like them. We are continually looking to add new international classifications to our expanding global portfolio and Estonia's recent move into the European Union and growth as a consumer market holds great potential for below the line marketing which can be untapped using CAMEO."


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