Council Unveils Transformation Programme to Generate £10.7m and Modernise Services

Newport City Council has embarked upon their 3 year transformation programme to reform social services and generate £10.7m of savings, with £1.9m cashable in year 1. The programme, undertaken by the Newton Consortium, which includes operational improvement specialists Newton and Local Government outcomes specialists Coactiva, has been set up so that fees are 100% contingent, guaranteed against results.

The reform of Social Services dates back to 2009 where Newport City Council - the 8th largest unitary authority in Wales - set out to make front line services fit for the future whilst responding to national financial pressures.

The Consortium - which has extensive experience in delivering successful transformation programmes and performance-led efficiency solutions - will be working with the council to further their efforts in improving and modernising Social Services, while delivering financial savings.

As with all Newton's programmes, the work will be carried out on a unique risk reward model where all fees are 100% contingent on the realisation of financial savings. This approach, new to Local Government, puts 100% of the fees at risk enabling the Council to have confidence that financial results will be delivered within committed timescales.

Coactiva is working with Newton to apply the risk reward model to Local Government, ensuring that savings are sustainable and that key outcomes and services are protected. A multi-disciplinary team of experts, including experienced Local Government practitioners, will be working in close collaboration with council staff to implement productivity and technology enhancements that will improve outcomes and service quality.

The 3 year programme will identify and achieve efficiencies in Adults' Services, Children's Services and Business Support, delivering the additional and necessary capacity to modernise services. This work also includes a focus on making the best use of the technology that is currently available to the Council.

Steve Phillips, Business Manager at Newton said: "At the forefront of this efficiency programme is improving the services the council delivers and commissions. We will be observing the entire customer journey and ensuring committed savings are realised while delivering safe, coherent and efficient processes for service provision.

Ray Fielding, CEO of Coactiva Group added: "We are excited to be working with Newport on this programme, delivering significant and sustainable financial savings whilst protecting and improving the key outcomes. The skills used throughout the programme will be transferred to Newport's staff so they can continue to sustain and drive further improvement."

Stewart Greenwell, Corporate Director, Care and Customers at Newport said: "There is a need for service change and we are all committed to making this happen. We are positive that this close partnership will deliver more streamlined processes for service delivery, significantly improving the experience of users and carers and delivering our own internal financial objectives."

"The staff at Newport have been forging a collaborative relationship with the Consortium so that a legacy is left to ensure that we work towards continuous improvement year on year."