CAMEO Spain and Ricardo Lamy bring world-class consumer insight to Iberia

Organisations in Spain can now transform their customer acquisition and retention strategies using Callcredit Information Group’s newly rebuilt consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO Spain.

CAMEO is currently available in over 40 global markets and links address information to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic insight to provide businesses with key marketing intelligence on their customers and prospects.

CAMEO Spain segments the population into 42 categories and 10 marketing groups by using the very latest Spanish Census data and Callcredit’s advanced statistical and modeling techniques to identify and describe exactly ‘who’ lives in each zone. By doing so, organisations can obtain valuable marketing information, building a high-definition picture of both their online and offline customer base.

To facilitate the launch and ongoing delivery of CAMEO Spain, Ricardo Lamy will now act as Iberia Director and will work closely with organisations in Spain to help them transform their customer insight strategies. Ricardo has worked with CAMEO for 10 years in the Iberia region and has successfully helped a number of clients across a range of sectors including insurance, retail and travel and leisure.

Lee Birch, Senior Business Development Manager said “Organisations across Iberia can now transform their database marketing, branch network planning and risk modelling strategies thanks to the launch of the new CAMEO Spain system which dovetails neatly with Callcredit’s existing CAMEO Portugal solution.

“Ricardo Lamy has already achieved significant success in Portugal and we are looking forward to organisations in Spain being able to also benefit from his vast consumer insight experience.”

Ricardo Lamy, Iberia Director commented “I am delighted to be working more closely with CAMEO and Callcredit allowing new and existing clients in the Iberia region to benefit from the most granular, up-to-date and powerful consumer understanding system in the marketplace.”