CAMEO Mexico enhances insight of consumer households in North America

Callcredit Information Group has launched the latest version of CAMEO Mexico complimenting the recently updated CAMEO USA, to offer clients the most recent and accurate view of consumer markets across North America.

Callcredit's unique consumer segmentation system CAMEO is currently available in over 40 global markets and links address information to demographic, life style and socio-economic insight to provide businesses with key marketing intelligence on their customers and prospects.

Mexico has a well developed economy and many high profile global brands are choosing to locate to the country, CAMEO Mexico capitalises on the enhanced availability of statistical data in Mexico to deliver one of the most sophisticated and detailed consumer segmentation systems in the world.  A range of national datasets that include the 2010 Mexico census are deployed at the 'city block' level to create a highly granular targeting system for over 1.5 million zones.

By segmenting the population into 48 categories and 10 key marketing groups CAMEO Mexico offers valuable marketing intelligence, enabling businesses to build a clear and simple picture of both their online and offline customer base.

CAMEO Mexico presents a further layer of insight by drilling down into specific attributes which are most relevant to the brand in question - predicting consumer behaviours and identifying prospect hot-spots.

By obtaining a greater understanding of their customers, businesses are able to build profitable customer relationships, enhance their customer acquisition programs and locate those who hold the same characteristics as their most profitable customers. All of which are vital for location planning and cross-sell opportunities.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director commented "The latest addition of CAMEO Mexico helps to complete the common link between Mexico, the USA and Canada, our clients can use this insight for these locations separately or to gain a full view of their consumers across North America. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive marketing insight and CAMEO Mexico provides optimum coverage and accuracy in this fast growing consumer market"