CAMEO expands its Central European Reach as EuroDirect Launches CAMEO Poland

Global geodemographics leader EuroDirect has extended it's suite of CAMEO Classifications to cover the growing Polish economy. The powerful consumer segmentation tool CAMEO Poland joins other Central and Eastern European classifications from the international data specialists who already cover Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

CAMEO Poland has been built at postcode level by combining data from the latest Polish Census of Population alongside government statistics, to form a highly powerful geodemographic classification that can be used to segment Poles by their demographic and socio-economic characteristics.

The system enables users to profile and segment over 31 million consumers across Poland using a wide range of characteristics to help understand the demographics, purchasing power, household characteristics and economic activity of each neighbourhood type.

CAMEO Poland is made up of 8 key marketing groups and 41 categories, including:

1B - 'Older Couples & Singles in Exclusive Urban Neighbourhoods'

3D - 'Couples, Singles & Families in Cooperative & Rented Properties'

6B - 'Less Affluent Couples, Singles & Families in Rural Areas'

7H - 'Young Large Families in Owned & Rented Dwellings'

CAMEO Poland can be used for database enhancement and modelling and has applications in targeting direct mail, door-to-door canvassing and leaflet drops as well as data screening. Organisations can use CAMEO Poland to profile and segment their current Polish customer base and pinpoint new prospects that display similar geodemographic characteristics to their best customers.

Combined with EuroDirect's powerful marketing information software, MICROVISION Poland can be used for in-depth market and customer analysis and can help in both market targeting and network planning.

As well as its international applications, CAMEO Poland will have an ever growing significance within the UK market as Polish workers have continued to migrate here since Poland became an EU member state in May 2004. The ability for marketers to understand UK Poles at their Polish addresses shall prove highly valuable for those wishing to target this group for services such as bank accounts with a cash card to send home to dependants.

CAMEO Poland is the latest addition to a suite of over 30 consumer classifications built for developed and emerging markets across the world.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director of EuroDirect comments:
"CAMEO Poland is a fantastic addition to our ever expanding portfolio of international classifications. As we expand further into the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the possibilities for direct marketers are unlimited. We are pleased that we can provide this intelligence at a time when it is needed more than ever and believe CAMEO Poland will go a long way in helping our clients develop their Polish marketing strategies."