Callcredit Welcomes Publication of Audit Commission Survey

Callcredit welcomes the publication by the Audit Commission of its annual survey into detected fraud amongst councils as an important part of the strategy needed to eradicate public sector fraud. The survey's results, contained in a report entitled 'Protecting the Public Purse' show that fraud detection rates by councils have improved by 37 per cent on last year and which have detected over £185million in fraud-related activities.

The annual survey, conducted by the Audit Commissions National Fraud Initiative, creates a much needed public debate and casts much needed scrutiny on a subject that creates significant social hardship as well as increase financial costs. These include preventing lawful tenants from occupying social housing accommodation and fraudulently diverting payments away from adult care recipients.

Andrew Davis, Director of Public Sector at Callcredit Information Group, believes that only a small investment in time by councils could result in significant increases in detection rates. He comments: "The Audit Commission's efforts here have borne out an important maxim: 'if you can't measure it you can't manage it'. The report highlights what types of fraud are taking place and where and this in turn is galvanising councils to take action".

"The work Callcredit has carried out with our local authority clients shows that only a few steps are required to achieve big results. Using up-to-date information, these councils can quickly build up an accurate picture of what is taking place and can focus their resources in the most effective way. For instance, carrying out simple identity checks on tenants or additional occupants will quickly reveal whether a tenant is active at that address, or elsewhere and whether other occupants are active there too".

Public sector fraud is both detrimental and harmful. It diverts resources away from where they are most needed and prevents councils from doing what they want to do: deliver a better quality of life for their residents. We are determined to do our part to help them achieve this".

Andrew will be explaining how Callcredit is helping local authorities defeat fraud at the 'Fighting Fraud Locally' Conference which takes place on the 1st December in London.