Callcredit urges Government to use its services to help reduce benefit fraud

The preliminary estimates for fraud and error in the benefit system published by the Department for Work and Benefits last week (9th May 2013) show that £1.2billion was 'overpaid' to fraudsters in the period 2012/2013. Callcredit notes that if this fraudulent activity was stopped completely, this would help free up much-needed housing for the 1.8 million households currently on social housing waiting lists. These figures prove once again the high social cost of fraud.

Callcredit understands that the estimated percentage of total benefit overpaid in 2012/2013 was £3.5bn or just 2.1% of the total. Although a statistically small sum, this percentage figure has not changed since 2005/2006. However, during this seven year period, the technologies and systems available to Government (including those available from Callcredit), have developed significantly and we would be disappointed if this figure were to remain the same in seven years' time.

Callcredit applauds the efforts being made by the Government to reduce benefit fraud but calls on it to embrace new technology as one of the most effective ways to reduce it further.