Callcredit Signs Three Year Deal With Santander Cards

Callcredit Information Group has signed a three year deal with Santander Cards. The deal will provide Santander Cards with a range of innovative risk products that will feed into its credit management strategies.

Callcredit's range of products include the unique and widely-respected over-indebtedness tool, that gives lenders a greater understanding of the amount a customer can afford to pay, taking into consideration their current credit commitments and income.

Callcredit's innovative trigger alert product, CallMonitor, will also be used to gain an insight into changes within a customer's financial situation allowing Santander Cards to respond quickly to any customers who need their support.

Santander Cards have been using Callcredit data across some of its portfolio since 2008, but having seen the benefits it delivers, as well as the extra advantages that other Callcredit products offer, have signed a new three-year contract that covers its entire UK portfolio.

Sean Pape, Head of Risk at Santander Cards said: "This three-year contract is a testament to the innovative products that Callcredit offers and the excellent customer service that supports them. In-depth analysis has shown the considerable return on investment that this deal will deliver to Santander, reducing credit loss and supporting our responsible lending position."

Graham Lund, Managing Director at Callcredit said: "Santander Cards is a huge player in the UK credit card industry and we're delighted that they have seen the value that using our dynamic credit risk products will accrue. We have worked hard to develop distinctive products, regularly reviewing and enhancing them to meet the changing needs of our clients. The length of this new contract shows the confidence that Santander Cards has in our products, particularly our trigger alerts and over-indebtedness indicators and we are convinced that we can deliver considerable benefits for them."