Callcredit secures contract with transport providers Abellio

AbellioCallcredit Information Group has secured a deal with transport providers Abellio to deliver location insight across areas in the UK to help add vital information to the bidding process for rail franchise opportunities.

Abellio operate public transport contracts in Europe and has a strong position in the UK rail market through its successful rail businesses Merseyrail*, Northern Rail* and Greater Anglia, as well as being active in the London bus market through Abellio London and Surrey.

Using Callcredit's MICROVISION solution Abellio will be able to gain a detailed understanding of the location for each UK rail franchise open to tender, using the information to help determine the viability of the franchise opportunity and potential investment. The transport provider will be able to utilise the extensive data sets within MICROVISON to identify a number of key demographic indicators such as population, social grade and travel.  Abellio will be able to use these in tandem with Callcredit's CAMEO classifications giving an in depth depiction in a particular area.

Emma Shiels, Senior Analyst, Abellio said: "Microvision will help us to assess the markets in which we currently operate as well as those where we hope to operate in future. The range of data within the package can be quickly and clearly presented to provide relevant information on market characteristics and potential."

To provide further insight and help with the decision making process Abellio will use certain lifestyle profiles within the system to identify travel and work habits for each specific area. 

The new deal will also provide Abellio with customer and retail network insight to help the transport provider make more informed decisions on its retail planning strategy for the rail businesses that already operate in the area. Using data within the system, such as the CAMEO classifications will enable Abellio to gain insight into the most appropriate stores for stations at different locations

Giles Amos, Senior Account Manager, Callcredit Information Group said: "We understand the importance for Abellio to have an in-depth understanding of the location for any franchise opportunity.  MICROVISION provides this giving valuable insight into Abellio's potential customers, sales and retail networks - empowering them to make informed decisions."

*in partnership with Serco