Callcredit provides international spend capacity insight through launch of IncomeFocus

Organisations across the world can now better understand the household income of their customers and markets with the launch of Callcredit Information Group's unique IncomeFocus product.

IncomeFocus provides companies across sectors such as financial services, retail, automotive, utilities and telecoms, an accurate average income value at a highly granular geographical level across over 40 international markets. Created using the most precise and comprehensive datasets available within each nation, IncomeFocus is proven to correlate strongly with ‘actual’ wage levels and, unlike similar products in the market place, uses local currencies rather than an arbitrary index. 

Companies can now better understand buying behaviours and affordability when combining Callcredit’s IncomeFocus with the household size, tenure and rent/mortgage payment indicators currently available within Callcredit’s existing global consumer classification and segmentation suite CAMEO, which provides a geo-demographic view of consumers across six continents.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director, Callcredit said: “With household income levels proven to be highly discriminative when segmenting customer and prospect files, IncomeFocus will particularly benefit those global brands whose products are only available to prospects who reach a given income threshold.

“IncomeFocus provides a step-change in the ability for organisations to understand spend capacity through earnings across 40 international markets. Unlike other existing solutions IncomeFocus provides a tangible income figure using local currency, which gives businesses the most accurate view of their consumers spending power. 

“We’re looking forwards to helping both new and existing clients to understand their customers and markets better than ever before with the added insight that IncomeFocus will bring”