Callcredit offers turnkey, secure and compliant Online Identity Assurance Service now with Trusted Identities to both Private and Public Sectors through Key Partnership with miiCard

Data experts Callcredit Information Group have today (16th July 2013) announced the extension of its existing partnership with the Avoco Identity Platform to include miiCard's online trusted ID verification services.

The tri party partnership provides the digital economy with the first consumer-centric identity solution that leverages Assured Identities based on online bank accounts and supported by bureau data, strong authentication (up to 3 factors) and is powered by a compliant and tested architecture. As set out in the 'Good Practice Guide: Identity Proofing and Verification of an Individual' by the CESG, the UK's National Technical Authority on Information Assurance and Cabinet Office, Government Digital Service - the access to online retail bank accounts may be used to establish online identities with the highest level of assurance. Online financial accounts, when qualified and matched with bureau data, provide the strongest available source of validation for consumers today and reflect the role that banks can play when tackling issues of trust and online identity assurance for organisations wishing to embrace the IDA agenda such as Retail Banks, Consumer Finance, Healthcare, Pre-employment screening, Government and even other identity providers.

A Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) service, miiCard verifies identities to the same level as an in-person photo ID check, through a consumer-controlled, patented process that leverages the existing trust between an individual and their financial institution. Members verify their identity using their existing bank account in an online process that takes just minutes, and then use their miiCard to create trust across a range of participating sites and services, as well as within their own personal networks. Strong multi-factor authentication including hard tokens, geolocation and voice biometrics ensure the true assertion of the identity in purely online verification.

In line with the government's midata initiative miiCard's BYOID service puts consumers back in control of their real identities and personal information online.

Angus Sim, Head of Alliances at Callcredit Information Group, commented, "Unlocking the power of data is at the core of Callcredit and the addition of consumers' financial profiles takes this one step further. The global Digital Economy is fast becoming a reality and we believe that consumers will use it more and more as trust frameworks begin to deliver convenient and secure means of managing individual online identities".     

miiCard CEO James Varga said "To enable trust online and realise the full potential of the digital economy we need to build a trust ecosystem. This partnership with Callcredit and Avoco is a giant leap forward in building this capability. Together we provide a flexible, robust and trusted Identity Service that can truly open up services and access entirely online and in just minutes for over 35 million UK residents today."

The extension of the partnership follows the recent announcement that Callcredit and Avoco have teamed up to provide a fully compliant, mature identity assurance solution to Identity Service Providers. With the addition of the miiCard trusted identities that 'prove you are who you say you are' now built in, the platform raises the bar even further with online identity assurance providing the strongest level of trust and traceability available today in a purely online and digital environment.

Angus Sim concluded, "Callcredit continues to take the lead on innovation within the industry, leveraging data and consulting expertise to support partnerships with best-practice identity providers (IDPs) to provide easy to implement, flexible solutions for public services and businesses from SMEs through to enterprise".