Callcredit Marketing Solutions and The Trading Floor launch the largest data innovation that the market will see in 2012 - Define

Since bringing together in 2011 two of the UK's largest data businesses, Callcredit Marketing Solutions and The Trading Floor have been working together on building the most granular, most accurate and most up to date consumer database of its kind. Today (19th April 2012) Callcredit is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Define at its 'Performance 2012' event at BAFTA in London. 

Define is unique in the marketplace providing:

  • Unequalled depth and breadth of data streamed from over 80 contributing data sets, over 75% of which are exclusive to Define
  • Unmatched levels of verification and recency and a committed ethos to provide a level of database build transparency  unseen in the industry
  • Unbiased contributor coverage across 10 different verticals
  • Unrivalled data investment, refreshment and renewal through its exclusive data monetisation programme

That's why over 95% of the reseller market already takes data from either The Trading Floor or Callcredit and why this new combined dataset is undoubtedly going to be the largest innovation that the data market will see this year.

Define contains more individuals with more contact 'touch-points' than any other consumer dataset in the marketplace, delivering the highest volume of data for building mailing lists, email lists, SMS lists and landline volumes that marketers will find anywhere:

  • 43 million postal contacts
  • 24 million email addresses
  • 20 million landline numbers
  • 15 million mobile numbers 

As well as delivering the depth, it also provides the largest, most comprehensive breadth of consumer variables for appending to an existing customer database or mailing list. It brings together all the consumer segmentations and models from Callcredit with actual enquirer and transactional data from The Trading Floor alongside innovative new data streams to marry the on and offline worlds.

Chris McDonald, Managing Director Data Solutions, commented: "Through our innovative and growing partnership programme we are able to deliver unrivalled data investment across the widest base of providers anywhere. This means we are able to continually reinvest in our data assets. Define will help our contributors see real value on the balance sheet by monetising their data, and in return we are able to benefit our clients by confirming, refreshing and renewing our data continually.

"To reach the remarkable volumes we have today we've loaded over 164 million records in the last 12 months from data that we've sourced from 80 contributing partners across ten verticals. For our clients this means that they have unrivalled access to an unparalleled and unbiased multi-channel 360o view of the UK consumer base. In the last month alone our clients have seen an uplift of 500k new landlines, 350k new emails and 200k new mobiles, a volume that's increasing month on month."

Underpinning its commitment to unrivalled data accuracy, Define will lead the way when it comes to recency.  Multi data-pooling at base variable level ensures over 60% of the universe is verified by a minimum of 3 sources  and a bespoke confidence weighting change management programme ensures robust verification to authenticate all level of detail. This includes using real-time email feedback loops to instantly replace hard bounces where an alternative email is present. Over 84% of the Define universe has a recency touch-point under 6 months old, with the entire landline base being screened every 30 days.

Chris concluded: "We're really proud of our achievements and we know for a fact that Define is by far the most accurate consumer database out there. Whether it's consumer data for acquisition, or data for enhancement to boost customer insight, retention, cross-sell or up-sell Define has the capability to deliver."

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