Callcredit continues to help Mr Lender assess loan applications with extended contract

Mr LenderOne of the top 10 short term UK lenders, Mr Lender, has extended its contract with Callcredit Information Group whose data will help to assess loan applications and ensure that responsible lending practices continue to be upheld.

One of the leading credit, fraud and ID verification companies in the UK, Callcredit has been working with Mr Lender since 2008 providing essential credit data to help assess an applicant's likelihood of fulfilling their credit commitments.  In addition the data enables Mr Lender to verify the identity of applicants, checks for information from address history, assesses payment performance and over indebtedness across an unparalleled range of accounts held in Callcredit's SHARE database.

The information provides greater insight for Mr Lender and is crucial when making a decision whether the individual can repay the loan and subsequently determine whether they then should lend to them.

James Blake, Head of Sales, Callcredit Information Group said: "We are delighted to continue providing Mr Lender with the data required to help assess customers' credit risk and enable smarter lending decisions.

"We hold significantly more short term lending data than our competitors, both account performance records and search information.  We can provide by far the most complete record of customers' activity with short term lenders available today, together with a full history of more traditional account performance from across a range of sectors."

Adam Freeman, founder and CEO, Mr Lender said: "We are extremely happy with the level of service Callcredit provides, which is seamless and has no impact on the application process due to its market-leading technology and response times.  Callcredit provides by far the most predictive data for risk assessment in the Short Term Lending sector. Needless to say, that is an important reason why we have extended our contract."