Callcredit announces new profiling report in improvemydata.com

Callcredit Marketing Solutions has unveiled a new data profiling report within its self-service data cleaning and enhancement tool improvemydata.com

The new-style report is easy to understand and helps direct marketers develop their customer acquisition and management strategies by highlighting:

  • which variables are the most predictive for targeted mailing list selections
  • which datasets are the most discriminative for data enhancement and segmentation.

The report profiles consumers by 9 different dimensions, covering information about the individual, their household, property and neighbourhood, their finances and credit risk, their technology use, their 'green and ethical' tendencies and their shopping and hobbies.

Improvemydata is Callcredit's online 24/7 tool for data cleansing, profiling and enhancement. Clients can  instantly profile, audit, clean, screen, suppress and enhance their uploaded mailing lists in one simple process, with features including email address and telephone number appends, CCJ and insolvency screening, and mover tracing.

In addition to the new data profiling report, users also receive a FREE data quality audit, which assesses the quality of their data and illustrates the improvements that can be made, together with a data enhancement audit that examines the volume and breadth of data that Callcredit can match to their files.

Adam Leslie, Head of Data Sales at Callcredit, said: "With our new data profiling report, our clients are able to quickly and easily gain unique insights into their customers. The report identifies the variables that are most predictive for prospecting, and the datasets that are most discriminative for data appends and customer segmentation.

"This report is so easy to work with. It will help marketers see at a glance how they can improve their acquisition, retention, cross-sell and upsell strategies by gaining detailed customer understanding."