Britannia Responses - International Banking Systems

Britannia Building Society, the UK's second largest mutual building society with 3 million members, is now electronically rather than manually, verifying the identities of its new customers using Callcredit's award-winning CallML service.

The society, which provides financial services both directly and through more than 250 branches, has implemented CallML at every branch as well as its head office in Leek, Staffordshire.

Selection Process

The selection process included an Invitation to Tender (ITT) process which involved processing test files, submitting a written proposal and also presenting to Britannia.

Why Callcredit

As well as finding CallML more convenient than asking for paper based ID documents, the team at Britannia's head office as well as the users in the branches all found CallML faster and easier to use than other electronic alternatives.

This, combined with Callcredit's excellent client care and ability to implement the system quickly, resulted in Britannia selecting Callcredit.

CallML overview

A wide range of organisations must now check the identity of new customers as part of stringent anti-money laundering legislation. Callcredit's proven identification system, CallML, has been designed to specifically meet this requirement by interrogating a wide range of independent data sources to enable users to reach a decision instantly, with confidence and certainty.

Key Business Benefits
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Quick and easy to adopt - CallML is available through a browser or an API
  • Speeds up the application process for new customers
  • Powerful 'pass' or 'refer' result provides immediate decisioning certainty
  • Access to extensive and unique data sources, including credit data
  • Enables the capture of paper-based documentation
  • Database audit trail
  • Suitable for face-to-face or back office decisioning
  • Various levels of checking to facilitate risk based approach

CallML is used by thousands of businesses across the UK; including more than 800 FSA regulated businesses. It was recently named 'Online Product of the Year' at the Legal Technology Awards 2007.