Blackburns Sign up to EuroDirect's Marketing Intelligence System

Blackburns the print and direct marketing professionals have signed up to EuroDirect's marketing intelligence system MICROVISION to add value to their direct marketing services.

Blackburns provide a complete and coordinated direct marketing service, from marketing and database skills through to sophisticated pre-press, printing, finishing, personalisation and enclosing provision. To add value to their service they have chosen to license MICROVISION from EuroDirect.

MICROVISION with its six integral CAMEO Classifications will be used in-house to geocode and append segmentation codes to incoming files of customer, prospect and dormant data. This will enable Blackburns to profile and analyse each of these distinct consumer groups and advise their clients on developing targeted direct mail and leaflet drop campaigns.

Its drivetime and distance analysis functionality will also enable Blackburns to accurately target these DM campaigns around specific retail sites. In addition, the Media data in MICROVISION will help Blackburns to help their clients to develop multi-media campaigns.

Where Blackburns see the real value in utilising MICROVISION, is in the profiling of dormant records within the transactional databases they hold. Rather than clients simply targeting their best customers, Blackburns will be able to help them profile and analyse their inactive customers and develop targeted reactivation campaigns to win them back and improve their lifetime value.

Blackburns will also be looking to develop their clients' prospect pool by using the intelligence from their customer profiling to find look-alikes from EuroDirect's Data Exchange consumer universe.

Andy Cowman, Group IT Director of Blackburns comments:

"MICROVISION will prove to be a great asset to both ours and our clients businesses. We feel that we can help our clients take a more analytical, targeted and successful approach to their campaign planning, helping to increase their response rates and reduce their acquisition costs"

John Dobson , Managing Director of EuroDirect adds:

"Blackburns are a well known, long-standing player in the DM Industry. It is good to see that they can appreciate how the use of marketing intelligence tools such as MICROVISION and CAMEO can add value to their offer and ultimately help their clients to improve their overall return on marketing investment."