Betfred.com extends contract with Callcredit for online identity checks

Betfred.com has extended its contract to continue using Callcredit Information Group's CallValidate software to verify its online customers, for a further 12 months.

CallValidate helps to protect against identity impersonation and payment fraud by checking not only the customer's identity but also that the card details and bank accounts belong to that customer.

The automated system has enabled Betfred.com to make better use of its resources by cutting down on the need for lengthy manual checks to be carried out when a fraudulent transaction is suspected, while also providing a seamless transaction process for genuine customers.

Dennis Luckett, Head of Fraud Prevention, Risk and Payments, Betfred.com, commented "Callcredit has offered us a quick, robust and reliable system to verify identity and payment details for new and existing players, removing lengthy manual checks and improving customer acceptance rates. We are extremely pleased with the service we have received and it is for these reasons that we have chosen to continue our partnership with them" 

Sadie Guymer, Business Development Manager, Callcredit said "Identity impersonation and payment fraud still remain significant challenges within the gaming industry. Our CallValidate tool is a proven and reliable solution for gaming operators to use to identify both pre-paid and non UK cards, in addition to credit and debit cards and we are delighted that Betfred.com have chosen to continue working with us"