Betfred selects Callcredit for online checks

Leading bookmaker uses card verification software for online customers

Betfred, the world's biggest owner-operator bookmaker, has signed up to use Callcredit Information Group's CallValidate software to verify its online customers.

The company is using CallValidate to confirm the identity and payment details of new and existing customers using its online betting operation, Betfred.com.

CallValidate helps to protect against identity impersonation and payment fraud - both of which are significant concerns in the online gaming industry - by checking not only the customer's identity but also the card details and bank accounts owned by that identity. CallValidate's new Ownership Fraud Alert feature further helps to prevent fraud by linking the customer's payment details back to the identity that owns the card.

The automated system, which can also cover pre-paid and non-UK payment cards, is helping Betfred to make better use of its resources by cutting down on the need for the lengthy, manual checks that are carried out when a retailer suspects a transaction may be fraudulent.

Dennis Luckett, head of fraud prevention, risk and payments at Betfred, said: "Callcredit have given us the one missing ingredient from our customer checking solutions - online credit and debit card verification. Merging this into our existing checks gives us a fully balanced check on all our UK customers.

"Callcredit moved very fast to get us live with the product and were a joy to work with. Just like Betfred, they clearly see the importance of having secure checks for the safety of our customers."

James Blake, Head of Sales at Callcredit, said: "Betfred is one of the biggest online operators in the UK and as more and more customers sign up to these sites, it is important that operators can protect both themselves and their genuine customers against fraudulent transactions and identity theft. CallValidate is a unique solution that checks both identity and payment details within just three seconds, dramatically cutting down on the time that Betfred has to spend manually checking transactions. We were delighted to be able to deliver the tools to make this happen."