World Cup semi-final line up confirmed, but which consumers want which teams to win?

Callcredit Information Group has enhanced independent research conducted by YouGov* and highlighted clear differing views amongst specific groups of consumers as to which team should win the World Cup.

According to the findings, out of the four teams lined up for the semi-finals the Netherlands scored the highest percentage overall with 23 per cent of respondents saying they would most like them to win the World Cup.  This response varied significantly by socio-economic group, highlighted by Callcredit’s CAMEO UK consumer segmentation.

Key findings of the research highlighted:

When asked which one of these teams would you most like to win the World Cup?

  • 23 per cent of the ‘Enterprising Mainstream’ voted for Netherlands, whereas only nine per cent of ‘Family Value’ opted for this team
  • 18 per cent of the ‘Cash Conscious Communities’ said they would like Brazil to win, with only nine per cent of ‘Prosperous Professionals’ and ‘Enterprising Mainstream’ sharing the same view
  • Nine per cent of ‘On A Budget’ selected Germany and only two per of ‘Family Value’ wanting them to win
  • Six per cent of ‘Family Value’ favoured Argentina and only one per cent of ‘Paying the Mortgage’ opted for Argentina to win the trophy

Interestingly when asked which team would you be unhappy to see win the World Cup?

  • 26 per cent of the ‘Prosperous Professionals’ said Argentina
  • Three groups with 22 per cent chose Germany, ‘Content Communities’, ‘Cash Conscious Communities’ and ‘On A Budget’ 
  • 15 per cent of the ‘Business Elite’ said Brazil
  • 7 per cent of ‘Prosperous Professionals’ said the Netherlands

Chris McDonald, Managing Director, Marketing Solutions at Callcredit, commented: “This kind of insight into consumer behaviour is invaluable to a Marketer. CAMEO UK is overlaid onto each of YouGov’s panels, including its daily public opinion polls, meaning that users can get up-to-the-minute insights on how different CAMEO groups feel about the latest sporting news as well as current affairs, consumer brands, politics and other topical issues.

“The depth of detail CAMEO UK provides is unrivalled anywhere else in the marketplace and will widen the dimensions to consumer targeting, giving businesses across a diverse range of sectors the most granular and up-to-date view of consumers.”

CAMEO UK classifies every individual, household and postcode in the UK for use in customer profiling, prospect targeting, market analysis, retail planning and risk for pricing assessment and forms part of a suite of over 40 worldwide consumer classifications.

To understand your customer types better, visit the CAMEO UK microsite and sign up today: www.cameodynamic.com

*YouGov research was carried out with a sample size of 1,729 GB adults.

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