Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?

Look out London; Edinburgh, Belfast and Gloucester are playgrounds for the young and wealthy too according to the latest 'Millionaire Neighbourhood Report'.

The full report compiled by marketing and consumer intelligence specialist EuroDirect - launched today - details the Top 100 areas where the UK's millionaires reside, and provides insight into who these people are in 'The Millionaires Profile'.

For the nearly 900 UK millionaires under 35 identified by the report, SW London is the preferred area to live with both West and North West London also featuring in the Top 10. But Belfast, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Guildford, Bath, Oxford, Tunbridge Wells and York also make the top 10 list of areas to find the UK's millionaires aged between 17 and 35.


Number of millionaires

SW London


BT Belfast


W London


EH Edinburgh


GL Gloucester


GU Guildford


NW London


BA Bath


OX Oxford


TN Tunbridge Wells


YO York


When it comes to where all of the UK's nearly 45,000 millionaires reside, SW London tops the overall chart with 1360, closely followed by Edinburgh where a further 1301 of the financially elite live. Greater London regions Guildford and Kingston Upon Thames are 3 rd and 4 th respectively and Glasgow completes the top five with nearly 1,100 millionaires. Tunbridge Wells, Birmingham, Brighton, Redhill and West London round out the top ten.

Top 10 areas (all UK) for millionaires:


Number of millionaires

SW London


EH Edinburgh


GU Guildford


KT Kingston Upon Thames


G Glasgow


TN Tunbridge Wells


B Birmingham


BN Brighton


RH Redhill


W London


Outside of the top 10, the next post area beyond London is Reading, which sits at 11 th place with 805 millionaire residents. Belfast and Gloucester which featured so prominently in the under 35's millionaire residential areas also make the top 20, with 771 and 606 millionaires respectively.

Top 11-20 areas (all UK) for millionaires:


Number of millionaires

RG Reading


NW London


BT Belfast


HP Hemel Hempstead


SO Southampton


N London


BH Bournemouth


GL Gloucester


BS Bristol


AB Aberdeen


Millionaire Geodemographics:

By analysing demographic data on all the millionaires throughout the UK, EuroDirect has been able to provide an average profile of who these people are.

For the under 35's, only 4% are currently registered as Company Directors, and 60% of the millionaires are male.

The Under 35's Millionaires Profile:

  • They make up 2% of all Millionaires
  • 60% Male
  • Nearly 36% are single or living as unmarried couples
  • Over 74% are living in homes ranging from Council Tax band 'E' to 'H'
  • 4% are registered as company directors

For all UK millionaires, surprisingly only 12% are registered as Company Directors, and the male-female gap is narrowed with 56% of the millionaires being male.

The Overall Millionaires Profile:

  • 56% Male
  • Nearly 45% are single or living as unmarried couples
  • Over 78% are living in homes ranging from Council Tax band 'E' to 'H'
  • Only 12% are registered as company directors

The 'Millionaire Neighbourhood Report' reveals that 27 areas in towns and cities across the UK are home to 500 or more millionaires. In fact, the top ten areas have nearly a quarter of these highly affluent people in residence.

The report has been complied from EuroDirect's 'Millionaire's Club' database, which has been built from the capture of over 12 million shareholder records from the registers of FT Top 500 companies. By calculating the value of shares held in every company for each individual investor, EuroDirect has been able to identify almost 4 million affluent investors, and nearly 45,000 millionaires. The full 'Millionaire Neighbourhood Report' is available on request.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager at EuroDirect comments, "While certain areas of the UK appeal to the affluent of all ages, such as South West London, Guildford and Edinburgh, the inclusion of places like Belfast, Gloucester and York in the 'baby millionaires' ranking suggests these towns have something of particular interest to offer young wealthy individuals."

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect adds, "This information suggests that building a diversified portfolio of investments is no longer strictly reserved for the over-50s. We are now finding individuals between 17 and 20 years of age with over £100,000 invested. The differences between the baby millionaires and overall millionaires report are telling - the young affluent are interestingly much less likely to be singles or living as unmarried couples. Interestingly, in investment the gender gap is closing: throughout the figures women make up between 40-44% of the millionaires lists."


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