White Paper: Digital Integration Is Vital for Successful Marketing In 2011

123With budget cuts and the VAT increase set for 2011, it's expected to be a challenging year for marketers as consumers' purse strings tighten. A new report from Callcredit outlines key factors marketers must consider if they are to succeed in 2011, and the important role that digital will play in this.

Paul Kennedy, Head of Consulting at Callcredit Marketing and author of the report comments: "In 2011 digital needs to be fully embedded into the heart of a brand's business strategy. In today's world, channel-centric strategies will not work. Instead, campaigns need to be consistent and integrated across all channels - including web, social, mobile and in-store.  Companies are already starting to do this - Abercrombie & Fitch staff, for example, tell customers about their Facebook page when in-store. It's time to join the dots - brands that do this will springboard ahead of the competition, using data and customer insights to better understand customers and create more compelling campaigns."

The report from Callcredit Information Group titled 'Marketing With A Digital Heartbeat' details the following key steps for successful marketing in 2011, and how to drive the best customer engagement through digital channels:

1. Develop a single customer view

2. Enhance and exploit data, identifying anonymous visitors

3. Interact with customers efficiently

4. Create bridges between online and offline presence

5. Utilise search and digital media to capture more internet traffic

6. Encouraging participation and sharing

7. Mobile apps are key for customer engagement on the move

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