Two of Coactiva's Risk Based Verification (RBV) customers shortlisted for IRRV Awards

Coactiva Intercept is pleased to announce that two of their RBV customers, Lambeth London Borough and Broadland District Council, have been shortlisted for the 'Race Online' category at the IRRV Performance Awards 2011. The award will focus on the excellence and performance of Local Authorities' ability to find ways to improve digital performance in Local Government, with an aim of getting 10 million people online by 2012.

The two Authorities have demonstrated that by using Risk Based Verification and other projects, they have excelled in delivering services online to customers.

Tom Sayer, Revenue Services Manager at Broadland said "Risk Based Verification has allowed Broadland to target its resources where they are needed most. This was an area we focused on within our submission for the awards."

Broadland is also one of four organisations that has been shortlisted for the IRRV 'Innovation Excellence Award.'

Ray Fielding, CEO Coactiva Group said "Coactiva is delighted that Lambeth LB and Broadland DC have been shortlisted for these top awards. We wish them the best of luck."

The Performance Awards will be held in Telford on 22nd September, 2011.