TransUnion Supports Mortgage Magic in Launching Credit Report Integration

Global information and insights company TransUnion is supporting Mortgage Magic in launching credit report integration to make it even easier for brokers to recommend the most appropriate product for their clients. 

The new feature, which is powered by TransUnion’s Consumer Platform, enables clients of brokers using the Mortgage Magic platform to obtain their credit reports via the Mortgage Magic App or web client portal.  

Kelli Fielding, managing director of consumer interactive at TransUnion in the UK, said: “We're delighted to be supporting Mortgage Magic as they drive innovation in the mortgage market by helping to make applications easier for consumers, as well as brokers, whilst also ensuring lenders have a robust view of an individual’s financial standing. That’s more important than ever in the current economic climate to help people access the finance that’s right for their needs. 

Consumers can complete their own fact find with accurate information from their credit file, empowering brokers to recommend the right product from the outset. Mortgage Magic will also enable smart features like dynamic alerts, that immediately notify customers of any changes or searches on their credit file, and a credit score simulator that helps educate customers on how they can improve their credit score.  

Tanjir Sugar, director at Mortgage Magic, said: “Mortgage Magic exists to provide brokers with a single, comprehensive solution for running their business. We are continually evolving the platform to add new features and functionality and this credit report enhancement is a big step in making it even easier for brokers to access accurate information, identify the best solution and spend more time doing what really matters – advising their clients. 

“As brokers will have accurate credit data from the outset, they can recommend the right product for the client without mistake, enabling them to apply to the right lenders and eliminating chances of decline. Mortgage Magic is the first and only native client app that enables customers to complete their fact find and track cases in real time and the launch of this functionality is further proof of the ability and superiority of the platform.” 

Mortgage Magic provides brokers with a comprehensive solution for running their business, covering all areas of the mortgage advice process, from sourcing, conveyancing, general insurance to protection and much more.  

The cloud-based platform features a built-in CRM system, e-ID verification, direct messaging, and secure UK-based document storage that complies with GDPR. It also allows company owners to manage and monitor business activities, provides qualified business leads and has portals for company administrators, advisers, introducers and clients. 

Find out more about TransUnion’s Consumer Platform that is designed for companies looking to create their own suite of credit reporting products here.  

For more information about Mortgage Magic, visit: www.mortgage-magic.co.uk