Tintas Robbialac place Callcredit customer insight at the heart of their growth strategy

Tintas Robbialac, part of the Materis Paints Group, has signed a deal to use Callcredit Information Group’s CAMEO Portugal system to place customer understanding at the heart of their growth strategy.

Callcredit’s consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO, will be used by Tintas Robbialac to better understand consumers and ensure that strategic expansion activities are aligned with the needs of existing customers as well as the wider Portuguese market.

CAMEO Portugal is used by organisations across multiple sectors to understand who their customers are, where they live and what they 'look like' in order to locate and target profitable customer types and develop successful customer retention and value building strategies. Callcredit achieve this by combining a wide range of public and private sector data sources which provide insight into factors such as the age, affluence, lifestage, property type and occupation of households within a small geographical area.

Ricardo Lamy, Iberia Director for Callcredit said “CAMEO Portugal allows organisations to win market-share by placing acute customer intelligence at the heart of their activities. Tintas Robbialac are now benefitting from a world-class consumer segmentation toolkit delivered by the experienced and customer-focussed CAMEO team.”

Lee Birch, Senior Business Development Manager at Callcredit said “Portuguese brands have been using CAMEO to engage with customers on a deeper level for a number of years. We are delighted that Tintas Robbialac has become another client in Portugal to use CAMEO consumer insight to fuel their growth activities.”

João Pedro Vaqueiro, Head of Retail & Customer Marketing at Robbialac said “Tintas Robbialac are passionate about customer service and we are always keen to place the best interests of our customers at the heart of our expansion activities. CAMEO reveals exactly ‘who’ our customers are, how best to serve them and the means by which Robbialac can acquire new customers with similar characteristics.”