The Path To Individualisation

A White Paper produced by Broadsystem examining the development of Marketing Communications from Personalisation to Individualisation.

As consumers, we have become used to expecting more than being just addressed by name (personalisation). We expect companies to have some idea about the particular flavour of service or product (individualisation) that is relevant to our specific need. For marketers that strive to meet their customer acquisition or value targets, the distinction is too important to ignore.

Personalisation is just tailoring certain aspects of a communication so it is personal to an individual, such as name, address, detailing their interest in specific hobbies or making reference to past purchases etc.

Individualisation is the end goal of the way direct marketing has been evolving for many years. The key steps in that evolution have been from mass marketing - sending out hundreds if not thousands of mail shots to anyone on the database despite their age, address or lifestyle and even worse addressed 'Dear Occupier' - to personalisation. From here, as technology such as digital print has evolved, we have experienced mass customisation, the ability to personalise communications but on a large scale - for example merging more personal information such as previous purchases into communications. Individualisation is the next progressive step. But what is the purpose of doing it? And what are the practicalities around getting it right?

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