Successful Fundraising

A White Paper looking at how the achievement of fundraising objectives depends on recognising and acting on the interaction modes that are most effective with your supporters

Social and demographic factors in the UK have led to a situation where fewer people are giving. A critical challenge many charities are now tussling with is how to increase the number of donors being engaged in the right way (e.g. regular giving) and how to reach a younger audience. It is Broadsystem's opinion that key to addressing this, are three vital ingredients:

  • Utilise and enhance existing on- and off-line data to map out natural supporter journeys, and devise an optimised contact strategy;
  • Expand the scope of fundraising programmes by respectfully using web and mobile interaction modes;
  • Maximise return on marketing investment by allocating spend on a prioritised basis to support overall objectives.

To request a copy of the full Research Paper please email: info@callcreditmarketing.com