Sport Governing Bodies use RBA to measure success

Sports Governing Bodies in Wales have selected Coactiva to support the development of plans and impact measures using Results Based Accountability (RBA). So far, workshops and training sessions have been successfully delivered to Canoeing, Disability Sports, Football, Golf, Rowing, Sailing, Squash and Racketball, Tennis and the Wales Sport Association.

There are also planned training sessions for Cycling, Hockey, Gymnastics and Athletics.

"Tennis Wales was looking for a different way of assessing its progress rather than just the usual tables of targets and numbers. We wanted a simple and meaningful way of assessing how effective we were being in delivering our plans and objectives. Coactiva were fantastic in taking us through the steps of breaking this down into a few of the most important elements for this and developing simple tools for assessing this in a more meaningful way. This has given Tennis Wales a much more focussed approach to how we operate and how we identify and achieve the really important things that make a difference." Peter Drew, Tennis Wales.