Skipton Squares up to Experian with New Four-In-One Business Information Group

Skipton Building Society is bringing its four information businesses together as part of an aggressive expansion plan to take on the leading firms in the industry.

The 150-year-old Yorkshire mutual has created a separate arm, called Skipton Information Group, which will be made up of its consumer credit reference agency Callcredit, database marketing company EuroDirect, market analysis firm GMAP Consulting and e-commerce software business, Cast Systems.

Skipton Information Group plans to compete with the likes of Experian and Equifax, providing similar services to both competitors. The Skipton Information Group headquarters will be based in new offices in Leeds and will bring together Callcredit, EuroDirect and GMAP Consulting under one roof, although the individuality of the businesses will still be maintained.

Heading up the group as Chief Executive will be Mike Green, founding Chairman of EuroDirect, who comments: " In order to compete in the industry we need to be seen as an information group, rather than four disparate units. However the group is already in a strong competitive position, bringing together established businesses who already have considerable market presence and expertise."

Following an increased Government focus on ever more sophisticated criminals, the Group is currently developing a comprehensive new product to address the huge growth of money laundering in Britain.