Rugby 1 - Football 0 when it comes to tackling financial planning

With the England rugby and football teams both taking to the pitch this weekend, recent research reveals that the stereotypical images of the middle class rugby fan versus the working class football fan may well be true after all.

An analysis by credit reference agency Callcredit into the lifestyle and spending habits of football and rugby fans has revealed that diehard rugby fans are more likely than footie fans to be able to fund their habits.

Owen Roberts head of MyCallcredit comments:

"From our research we've seen that 77% of rugby fans are home owners, whereas only 20% of the football fans have managed to get their foot on the property ladder. We also found that rugby fans are less likely to get into debt funding their habit than footie fans.

With one in twenty football fanatics spending more than £12,000 (1) to follow their team - the same price as a typical new family car - it seems football fans are in danger of seriously damaging their finances in pursuit of the beautiful game.

Football fanatic Tom Cherrill, 25, from Clapham, South London comments:

"I guess I've spent thousands of pounds supporting Newcastle United over the years and try to get to as many games as possible. I've never had to add it all up before though, but with the train fares, hotels and nights out taken into account, it's shocking that it makes up such a massive chunk of my outgoings."

Roberts adds:

Getting behind the national team, be it rugby or football, is an exciting experience for many of us. But with few of us on the similar salaries to our sporting heroes, we all need to consider the financial implications of our sporting passions."


1 - Mintel Reports: 30 January 2007