Research Reveals That Lax Data Management Has A Dramatic Impact On Consumer Attitudes

Research released today shows that 88% of UK consumers would change their attitude to a company if they were mailed with incorrect contact details. The research carried out by leading data cleansing experts Callcredit Marketing Solutions identified that:

  • 33% would lose confidence in the brand

  • 15% would never buy from the company again

  • 40% would never respond to any of their marketing communications

The research identifies some worrying trends in terms of the types of consumers who would be 'turned off' by a company's poor data maintenance programme:

  • Females would be much more likely to change their perception of the brand than males

  • Older audiences seem to be especially affected, with the over 45's age group being 5% more unlikely to respond to a communication than those aged 18-44

  • 46% of affluent couples and singles asked would lose confidence in the brand

  • Of those surveyed 55% would not contact the company to update their details. In fact, the greater the affluence the less likely consumers were to correct their details. Of those who said they wouldn't update their details with the company:

    • 70% had an annual household income of more than £40,000

    • 61% were home owners

Caroline Worboys, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions, comments: "The results of this survey should provide a stark warning to all companies during this economic climate. Failing to ensure that marketing communications contain the correct name and address details has been proven to be a deal breaker with consumers and to be honest there are no excuses. Consumer data cleansing websites such as www.improvemydata.com provide an easy to use and rapid method of maintaining data."


About improvemydata.com

Improvemydata.com is Callcredit Marketing Solutions' self service tool for data cleaning, profiling and enhancement:
  • Data Cleansing: Data verification and suppression functionalities include: PAF Validation, Residency Verification, MPS/Baby MPS Screening, Goneaway and Deceased Suppression, Mover Tracing and Occupier Update using GAS Reactive and NCOA. De-duplication, salacious word screening and email syntax validation is also available and functionality exists for users to create and screen against their own suppression files 
  • Credit Scoring & Suppression: CCJ, Bankruptcy and IVA Suppression. In addition Gauge for Marketing Credit Risk Scores can be used to profile and score customer and prospect records to assess their individual credit risk before they are mailed
  • Telephone Number Appending & TPS Suppression: BT Osis telephone numbers and ex-directory flags can be appended to data as part of the data cleansing and enrichment process. TPS flagging is also available
  • Data Profiling & Appending: A whole host of individual, household and postcode level variables have been built into improvemydata.com including:

    • The full suite of CAMEO Postcode Classifications
    • Council Tax Bands and Property Prices from CAMEO Property+
    • Credit Behaviour, Personal Savings, Investment, Attitudes to Personal Finance and Channel Preference classifications from CAMEO Personal Finance
    • Household Age, Income and Lifestyle-Lifestage segments from CAMEO Lifestyle
    • Household Composition and Length of Residency
    • Individual Modelled Age Band and Dates of Birth
    • Director Flags and Investor Flags
    • Nearest locations

About Callcredit Marketing Solutions

Callcredit Marketing Solutions (www.callcreditmarketing.com) designs and executes marketing programmes with measurable customer value as the starting point. With marketing services from consumer data and contact centres to direct marketing and credit marketing, Callcredit Marketing Solutions helps clients gain greater knowledge of customers and prospects, as well as the best ways to engage with them. By transforming raw consumer data, into actionable customer insight, it helps clients maximise marketing budget while encouraging customers to buy more, do more and stay customers for longer - measurably improving return on investment.
Callcredit Marketing Solutions' service offering includes:

  • Real-time channel-rich customer interaction capabilities
  • Customer value strategy, planning and analysis
  • Customer database build and management
  • Data processing and enhancement
  • Consumer data assets including classifications, prospects and credit data supply

Callcredit Marketing Solutions has its headquarters in Leeds with offices in Gerrards Cross and Bristol and is part of the Callcredit Information Group. Clients include BBC, COI, FT, HBOS, Learning and Skills Council, Marriott, News International, npower, NS&I, SCA, Wesleyan and Wickes.