Real Time Fraud Alerts

Callcredit Information Group has today (17th December 2014) announced the delivery of its latest innovation, Real Time Fraud Alerts (RTFA).

RTFA provides customers with complete control and flexibility to derive fraud rules aligned to their specific fraud strategy. Enabling instant insight into compromised identity, bank accounts, payment cards, emails, mobiles and more, RTFA pinpoints fraud while enabling more genuine customers to experience frictionless engagements.

RTFA is available immediately to new and existing customers via Callcredit’s market leading Fraud & ID suite of solutions, CallValidate. RTFA can be deployed to return alerts for specific industry sectors allowing customers to further pinpoint suspicious activity of consumer data seen by companies within their own sector, vital intelligence to reduce false positive rates.

John Cannon, Fraud & ID Director, Software Analytics & Fraud commented “Real Time Fraud Alerts is the latest development of our Fraud & ID solutions and has strategic importance for Callcredit as we continue to invest in building innovative trust and risk solutions. The data held within RTFA will support a number of exciting new developments that are bringing trust to both personal and non-personal customer interactions. “

To find out more about RTFA email Fraud&ID@callcreditgroup.com

Callcredit has just published its annual Fraud & Risk Report which contains details of the wide reaching capability the business has within the Fraud and ID Solutions space across the many vertical sectors in which it operates.