Prudential UK & Europe use Callcredit to enhance fraud prevention strategy

Prudential UK & Europe (Prudential) has taken additional value added services from Callcredit Information Group in order to enrich its fraud prevention strategy.

Prudential is a leading life and pensions provider with over 7 million customers within the UK alone. Having already implemented Callcredit’s real-time identity check, CallValidate, Prudential will now also benefit from using Callcredit’s Ownership Fraud Alerts (OFA) and Bank Account Plus.

Ownership Fraud Alert’s (OFA) provide an increased number of fraud warnings and is able to pinpoint applications and transactions where the identity presented with the card or bank account does not match. In addition to this, Bank Account Plus will verify if a bank account cannot be linked to the identity due to it being a high risk account or a non-consented account.

CallValidate has over 70 sophisticated and configurable fraud warnings which include OFA and Bank Account Plus, enabling each individual business to tailor their scorecards to suit their own business requirements.

The added services have assisted Prudential Assurance with developing their fraud prevention strategy. 

Mark Laybourne, Fraud Prevention Manager at Prudential UK & Europe said “We have been able to tailor CallValidate to meet our specific needs and requirements and we are now seeing the added benefits of this service”

Rebecca Grainger, Senior Business Development Manager at Callcredit added “We have a long standing relationship with Prudential and understand the need for insurers to constantly be on their guard, looking for new and innovative ways to counteract fraud. CallValidate is a flexible fraud prevention tool which enables businesses across a number of sectors to identify and prevent fraud at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Value added services such as OFA and Bank Account Plus have presented Prudential with an added layer of protection helping them to identify fraudulent activity more effectively”