Paddy Power signs deal with Callcredit

Major bookmaker to use player identification and verification package

Paddy Power, Ireland's biggest bookmaker, has selected Callcredit Information Group to provide a tailored identity verification service for its online gaming consumers.

The bespoke identification and verification software allows Paddy Power to check the identity of players signing up to its online betting site, both within the UK and internationally. The prevention of underage betting and identity fraud is a significant concern in the online gaming sector, however effective verification tools can help reduce this risk.

Callcredit's intelligent system will process bulk files of player identification records provided by Paddy Power and give a confident pass / fail decision, using data drawn from international sources (with data held for 130 countries) and UK records, including court judgements, insolvency data and the electoral register. The service is designed to work in real time while maintaining high verification rates, reducing the costs and time involved in checking new players.

Callcredit offers a range of products to verify identity and reduce fraud across a wide range of sectors.

Andy Ryan, Customer Security Manager with Paddy Power, said: "Know Your Customer has become increasingly important for both compliance and fraud detection purposes. We needed a solution that could deliver a worldwide approach to customer verification.

"When choosing a verification supplier to work with, we looked at four key areas: match rates, intelligence, support and cost. I'm pleased to say that Callcredit performed well in all four areas. We have improved our UK and international match rates. We received excellent support throughout the integration process and continue to receive professional support through our client manager. The pricing model suits our needs and the service shows great value for money.

"We are delighted to have chosen Callcredit as a verification supplier and look forward to working closely with them throughout the business relationship.''

James Blake, Head of Sales at Callcredit, said: "Online betting has never been more popular and Paddy Power is one of the leading names in this field, but this increased consumer interest is not without risk. Fraudulent accounts and underage players need to be quickly identified, without compromising the verification of genuine players. We're delighted that Paddy Power recognised that Callcredit's depth and breadth of UK and international data, used in our range of identification and anti-fraud tools, were the ideal solution."