Not a Nation of Shopkeepers, but a Nation of Shoppers!

Survey reveals public are most likely to respond to retail marketing

Research released today shows that retail firms have the highest response rates when sending marketing communications, with almost two thirds of consumers (64%) saying they would respond to this sector. A quarter (25%) of those surveyed by Callcredit Marketing Solutions, using its Cameo with Attitude online panel, stated that they would get back in touch with retailers who had used email to reach them, with 19% saying they would respond to direct mail. 

Younger audiences seem to be especially responsive to retail communications, as 18-24 year olds are 11% more likely to get back in touch with retail firms than any other age group. Single consumers are also 7% more likely than all others to respond to retailers.

The travel & tourism sector fared almost as well as retail, with 59% saying they would respond to marketing from companies in this field. Again, email and direct mail were the most popular channels, scoring response rates of 29% and 16% respectively.

The worst performing sectors were financial services, publishing and telecommunications. With consumer trust at a low and consumers tightening their belts to survive the recession, only 35% said they would respond to a call to action from financial service providers, and under half (47%) said the same of  telecommunications firms.

Of the channels covered by the survey, email and direct mail were found to be the media most likely to command a response across all sectors. SMS and DRTV fared the worst in this respect, scoring response rates of 1% and under in every sector. Social media however, despite its recent emergence as a serious marketing channel, is already starting to make headway, ranking consistently alongside and ahead of established channels such as telecommunications and company websites.

Caroline Worboys, MD of Callcredit Marketing Solutions, comments:
"In a climate where consumers are cutting back on costs and reigning in spending, the fact that so many are willing to respond to marketing from retailers is hugely encouraging for the sector. 

"Retailers clearly have a consumer base who are willing and ready to be spoken to if the messages are right. Firms in this sector must make sure they are using accurate data to create targeted and incentive-driven communications to cater to this audience."