Noddle says ‘Thanks a million’ to its customers

Noddle the free for life credit report service hits the one million customer mark

Noddle the free for life credit report service has today announced it has reached one million users, and is celebrating the fact it is helping these customers save a total of *£80m a year in subscriptions fees.

Noddle, part of the Callcredit Information Group, which offers consumers unlimited free for life online access to their credit report, has seen the number of users double in size over the last year alone.  Evidence that more people are accessing their credit report as a means of managing their financial health and the growing popularity of Noddle in helping them to do this.

The significant increase in user sign ups has been seen across the UK  with those living in the South East leading the way with 231,736 consumer savvy customers signing up to use Noddle, an increase of over 500 per cent based on previous figures.

Other top regions include:

  • North West  – 119,053 an increase of 358 per cent
  • Yorkshire and Humber – 88,820 an increase of 332 per cent
  • South West  – 74,089 an increase of 220 per cent

Noddle was launched in 2012 with the aim of meeting consumer needs and to provide the first and only free for life credit report in the UK. It also offers additional benefits to help consumers improve their credit score, prevent fraud and keep personal information safe online.

Jacqueline Dewey, Managing Director of Callcredit Consumer Markets said: “It’s extremely gratifying to see Noddle reach the one million customers mark after only two years.   The response we have seen to Noddle and our significant growth highlights how many consumers are now beginning to understand the importance of managing their finances and their credit report. 

“We want to say ‘Thanks a million’ to all our customers and to help support them take ownership of their finances even further, for a limited time, we are giving a third off all our Noddle extras.

“Even though reports suggest that UK consumer lending has hit a seven year high it is still important for consumers to ensure they are in the best financial position to take advantage of the best terms available out there – by better understanding and having greater access to your credit report helps consumers to do this.  The information held on an individual’s credit report can impact heavily on a wide range of day to day purchases, from taking out a contract mobile phone to even getting a job, it’s their information to take control of and ensure is correct.”

* This figure is based on the current lowest annual monthly subscription services available in the UK for a similar services offered by a competitor.

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