New roles within Callcredit for former Trading Floor directors

As part of the integration of The Trading Floor with Callcredit, following its acquisition earlier this year, Chris McDonald and Zoe Palethorpe, formerly of The Trading Floor, have been appointed to the roles of Managing Director Data Solutions and Director Data Assets respectively within Callcredit Information Group.

Chris McDonald's new role will be to leverage the collective strengths of the core data assets of The Trading Floor with Callcredit's comprehensive prospect database Core to create the most responsive data assets in the UK, made up of 41 million records and 60 million multi-channel records, across e-mail, landlines, mobile, SMS and postcodes - on all UK households.

Zoe Palethorpe's role, which spans across the entire Marketing Solutions Division, will include the responsibility for evaluating all external datasets to ensure consistency with data acquisition, defining and executing a rolling programme of enhancements including a combined data strategy for both 'Core' and The Trading Floor datasets, developing a cohesive strategy on data cleansing and verification ensuring efficient and cost effective delivery of data to Callcredit's customers.

Chris McDonald, Managing Director Data Solutions, said: "Bringing together the data assets of The Trading Floor with Callcredit's 'Core' data was always a key part behind the rationale of bringing both businesses together, which we believe will create something totally unique within the marketing data sector.

"Integrating the data sets will create a completely new view across lifestyle, life stages, demographics and attitudinal and transactional changes which will enable Callcredit to identify real-time triggers both on-line and off-line across traditional and emerging markets, which I am confident will deliver the most definitive 360 degree view of today's consumer in tomorrow's market."